Our Story

From The Heart Training is a Michigan owned and operated small business, founded by Victoria Zahul, a lifelong dog lover and Michigan resident. At From The Heart Training, we feel dogs are one of the life’s greatest joys! Dogs are fun, goofy, loving, and most of all; dogs are members of the family. Our services provide a way for you to enhance the bond you have with your pup, while helping them learn to be better canine citizens. We don’t focus on perfection. Here at From The Heart Training, we help set a solid foundation for you and your pup, which we believe will lead to a more well balanced dog, and a better relationship between you and them. We are excited to help you achieve your training goals!!


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14 day Doggie Training Camp

Two weeks of living with the Trainer. The focus is on training your dog, 5 months and older, to curb unwanted behavior, while working on fundamentals. They will work in a positive environment and return to you with a great foundation.

At training camp we focus on building a great foundation of obedience for your pup. Building your pups confidence in all situations will be key to success. We focus on introducing your pup to multiple new environments, and desensitizing them to noises and distractions.  It’s also important for us to make learning fun.

We know how important your pup is to you, and we want you to be engaged and comfortable while your pup is in our care. This is why we love sharing training updates daily, through a report card. Report cards will include feedback on the amount of food your pup is eating each day, bowel movements, weight updates, tips for implementing what they are learning at home, photos, and videos of their progress. All of our training pups travel and sleep in a Ruffland Kennel to provide a safe environment for your pup to rest and travel. Safety is our number one priority when your pup is in our care, each training pup will wear a GPS collar at all times while in training camp.

At camp your pup will learn the following commands; come, sit, down, heel, place, and off When they return home they will continue to develop stability in all commands no matter the distractions surrounding them through continued practice and exposure to new environments, people and animals.

When you pick your pup up from camp we will spend a significant amount of time together reviewing the training camp program. We will demonstrate each of the commands and give you plenty of time to practice with our guidance! After that, we are always only a phone call or text away!

Boot Camp Includes:

Commands Learned:

From $55

Training tool:

At From The Heart we focus on communicating effectively with your pup. We have multiple tools in our toolbox to achieve this, but our main tool is the E collar. The E Collar helps us get your pups attention in the same way you might tap someone on the shoulder. The E Collar’s versatility allows us to communicate with your pup through any situation or distraction. We train with the E Collar with a long term goal of command completion, the first time, without the help of the tool.

We Care!

The well being of your dog is our main concern. That is why we take extra precautions to ensure the safety and happiness of your pup.


When your dog travels to and from training sites, they will be securely transported in a Ruffland Kennels Crash Safety Crate.